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Great Lakes Orthodontic Care


Orthodontics (Braces) is a speciality concerned with the correction of crooked and forwardly placed teeth, thereby improving the overall aesthetics of the face and smile. Orthodontics as subject is not only limited to the teeth but also to the structure and the orientation of the facial bones / jaw.
An Orthodontist if patient visits him at an early age can bring about correction of the jaw bones – non-surgically and prevent the need of jaw surgery at a later date, this falls under the subject of Dento-facial Orthopaedics which is also an integral part of the speciality. He also plays an integral part in the treatment of adult jaw deformity along with the maxilla-facial surgeon as a team, to perform extensive surgical procedures called Orthognathic Surgery.
Facial deformity or crooked and forwardly placed teeth brings along with it multiple problems, such as compromised looks, problems in social acceptance, lack of confidence, gum problems, increased chance of tooth decay, TM Joint problems and even early loss of teeth. Therefore neglecting such problems is detrimental to the overall health of the individual.
The priority of this clinic lies in delivering superior quality patient care and attending to his/ her needs. The “GALLERY” and “ORTHODONTIC SERVICES” column shows you a wide array of orthodontic treatment options available to the patient and the cases treated by us together with the quality of results achieved.
So- “Welcome to Great Lakes Orthodontics – where Clarity meets Expertise”